France Digitale Day is one of the top tech events in France; a major event carved into stone because on September 29th, we all come together (entrepreneurs, investors and thinkers of our time) to collectively write the real political program for France’s digital glory, discuss the latest digital trends and plot future innovations.


With over 2000 participants 150 journalists,  you won’t want to miss this meeting of tech scene on September 29th in Paris, at France Digitale Day.

Over 50 top-notch speakers sharing their experiences and recipes for success, like  Frederic Mazzella (CEO Blablacar),  Jean-Daniel Guyot (Captain Train founder, Trainline International director), Bertrand Diard (Co-founder TALEND), etc ..

This year, France Digitale Day is reaching even higher,  along with our members, we will hack the presidential elections of 2017!


  • + 100 INVESTORS

  • + 100 Journalists



France of 2017 is now!

We have launched an international consultation so as many as possible can vote and participate collaboratively in creating the program for an ideal digital France.
Jouons collectif! We will be presenting the results at FDDay along side our annual social and economic performance barometre  with EY. (Barometer EY-FD 2015 de France Digitale)

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Together we stand, divided we fall! It’s the friennemy economy, collaboration, the sharing economy that will help us rise to greatness!

France Digitale

Register now, tickets are limited!

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Future of Work: how our way of working impacts the organisation and changes the relation with the companies in a digital era

Future of Money: how technology changes the traditional financing chain and how innovation is funded

Future of Education: how the relation to knowledge & education changes for us starting at school … and for the rest of the life

Future of Humanity: how vital concepts as security or health are changing … and how humanity is changing itself!

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The 21st century has been on since 15 years now but the Future is yet to be written before our eyes. Similar questions probably arise with every generation, but France Digitale feels with a strong conviction that ‘our’ future is about to be different ! We modestly but nevertheless significantly observe that changes are going faster thanks to innovation cycles.

The early 2000’s have only uncovered the beginnings of digital revolution.

Since then the Internet has exceeded its promises by transforming and becoming mobile, social, global, local, cloud, crunching datas, changing our professional and personal lives, blurring the boundary between private and public life, disintermediating, ultra-communicating, connecting objects, and witnessing machines learning and thinking artificially.

Whole areas of economy and society are undergoing Schumpeterian transformations. The era of platforms and social sharing has upset traditional capitalism : finances, transports, retail, housing, health, music, information, not to mention associatIve and political sectors

France Digitale’s early credo is now proven : digital is definitely not a mere sector, but a global transformation of society and of the way we live together. For the 4th edition of France Digitale Day  our ambition is even higher : What future can we aspire to, and how can the startups we represent help us better comprehend it and prepare for it?

This event will take place in the Grande Halle de la Villette : a huge celebration of digital entrepreneurship, the “big show ” where the entire digital ecosystem enjoys to meet. But that will not prevent us from conducting enlightening reflexions on that close future already flooding our lives.

On 29th September, inspirational speakers will share their insights about 4 critical transformation process having  an undeniable social impact :

Future of Work: how our way of working deeply impacts organisation and changes how we relate  to companies in the digital era

Future of Money: how technology and networking are changing the traditional financing chain of how innovation is funded

Future of Education: how relationship to knowledge & education is changing, from school to later life

Future of Humanity: how vital concepts such as security or health are moving at a fast pace … eventually transforming Humans themselves ! 

This year is preceding the election of a new President of the Republic, and it is essential for France Digitale that FDDay becomes a touchstone that will impact all candidates for 2017. Let us put this event in the line of the great consultation that we are waging together so that digital can be considered by our leaders as a major opportunity for the Future of France. And tomorrow is today!

Let’s team up! #JouerCollectif

Jean-David Chamboredon & Olivier Mathiot 

Co-presidents of France Digitale


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